Real Estate & Greenhouse Equipment

Real Estate & Greenhouse Equipment

This property consists of 5.5 acres located on a major connecting route between Rte 72 and Rte 322, operating as a three season retail greenhouse known as The Blue Heron Greenhouse.
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The 5.5 acres greenhouse complex consists of a sales house and office with storage space above the office and restrooms. There are five production houses, four are glass, one is a four bay  gutter connect poly house. Two greenhouses have bench drip systems and overhead trippers. There are two bulb refrigeration units and one standard cooler. There is approximately  ½ acre of covered outdoor growing space with irrigation drip system. Water for the facility is drawn from the creek by way of an easement in the property deed. The sanitary sewer is attached to the city system. A Clever Brooks boiler, using number five fuel oil heats the greenhouses with a 8000 gallon tank buried in the back. There is also a propane Dyna-Tech electric backup generator.


Business Equipment: 

Dyna Tech Maxi Power Generator (8cylinder)     CleaverBrooks Boiler 3,347,000 BTU (#5 fuel oil & 8,000 gallon tank)
Electronie Sprayer System                                   Outside Water Drip System
Dram Minie Auto Fogger                                     Assorted Trays and Pots
Dostrom Injection System                                    Reefer Cooler
Spike Air Deibbler w/ extra plates                        Box Cooler
Puff Tray Filler                                                     Rolling Benches (2 houses)
Christmas Tree Driller & Bailer

  Building size & sq ft:

# 1 Sales house > half glass, half poly carbonate 35’ x 156’> total sq ft 5,460

#2 Greenhouse > all glass > 35’ x 100’ > total sq ft 3500

#3 Mum house > all glass > 32’ x 150’> total sq ft 4800

#4 Poly house > 84’ x 142’ . total sq ft 11,928

#5 Glass 42’ x 156’ > total sq ft 6552

#6 Glass 42’ x 156’ > total sq ft  6552

#7 Fern house > fiber > 18’ x 48’ > total sq ft 864


 Total Sq Ft = 39,656


County:   $382.00

Municipal:   $148.00

School:   $2030.30  

Terms: 10% deposit the day of sale, balance due within 45 days. Real Estate is being sold subject to confirmation. Business equipment will be offered for auction at the conclusion and sale of the real estate, ONLY IF the real estate is sold. All sales will be final on the business equipment. A 10% buyers premium will be applied to both real and business property.