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Auctioning Government Property

Selling Government Property by Auction

Government real estate auctions are conducted throughout the United States to sell property seized as a result of violations of federal law in force by various governmental agencies. As a full-service real estate auction company operating in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware and Florida, Fortna Auctioneers & Marketing Group has more than 30 years of experience as a company that specializes in real estate and federal property auctions. Our understanding of the need to provide experienced and personalized service, whether we’re implementing a marketing campaign to sell federal land or the auction of other federal property, fuels the foundation of our firm.


Our name has become synonymous with the capability to conduct successful federal property auctions throughout PA, NJ, MD, DE and FL. Government agencies that choose our services have access to one of the most experienced and recognized groups of professional auctioneers and consultants in the industry. Our combination of in-house experts and marketing strategies guarantee that your property will be marketed efficiently and effectively to receive maximum exposure in the marketplace.

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Government Property Auctioneers

Fortna Auctioneers & Marketing Group can manage the sale of all types of real estate assets — residential, commercial and industrial markets including home sites, development land, condos, waterfront properties, government property, business liquidations and more. We understand the unique concerns, selling requirements and objectives of government real estate auctions. For agencies ready to auction government land or auction federal property of other types, Fortna Auctioneers have the professional team and the experience to optimize federal property auctions.

To facilitate the auction of federal property, we provide continuous support to government agencies for the marketing and sale of real estate property and other assets seized and forfeited by various agencies.


Auction Government Property

As one of the largest auctioneers in the states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware and Florida, our knowledgeable staff provides the full range of marketing and auctioneering services necessary to auction government property. The techniques we use for federal property auctions include market research, advanced online and offline advertising and promotional strategies, planning and execution, buying seminars and sales events. We may not be the largest auctioneer in our market area, but our size works to the benefit of our clients. It means that we have the ability to give personalized attention to a wide spectrum of assets seized by government agencies.

We can save you time and money and conduct a smooth, hassle-free auction of government land or other assets. Our experience and reputation make us the right choice for federal property auctions.