Buying Development Properties At Auction | PA, MD, DE, NJ & FL


Selling off some of your portfolio has probably gotten much harder. Do the empty lots and vacant homes take a toll on your overall profits? Traditional methods of selling real estate have lost some of their effectiveness, especially in today’s economy.

Land auctions are continuing to be fast growing. It has become an accepted and very highly successful way of selling real estate today. Fortna Auctioneers & Marketing Group uses an explosive marketing campaign designed for your budget to maximize all of your potential buyers to one location to bid on your properties producing an offer and closing within 45 days.

Selling your portfolio individually or in bulk through the auction method offers many good “reasons why”:

  • Market the Portfolio in bulk. This saves considerable expense vs. breaking it out by property and advertising properties one at a time.
  • The auction method is the best way to move the group of properties in just one day, avoiding all the expense of carrying the inventory for a lengthy period of time.
  • Our extensive pool of buyers is ready to act. Your portfolio turns into liquid cash instantly. And the return represents true market value.
  • If you are selling multiple properties at once, the auction method is the only method that can offer “combination” sales netting you the highest possible price to be paid.

It’s a “win win” for any builder or developer looking to reduce their portfolio. The auction method is the only method that allows different lots, tracts and model homes to be sold in “combinations”. Allowing potential bidders to buy this way generates a higher financial return.

Our company differs from many other real estate auction companies in the area. We have international ties for buyers throughout the world. Our auction platform not only conducts live, on-site auctions, but also offer and accepts bids live over the Internet simultaneously with accepting bids from the floor. This reaches out farther geographically netting you more for each asset being sold. Over the years we have compiled an intense mailing list of aggressive buyers across the globe.

Our goal is to become your most effective method by which any real estate acquisition can be methodically disposed of quickly thus enhancing your financial bottom line. Call now for a free consultation at 1.855.831.4242.

If you have a portfolio or just one property that you would like to discuss taking to auction and discovering the innovative method of auctioning and selling real estate, please fill out the following information and one of our representatives will reach out to you immediately.