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Marketing Real Estate

Many property owners who intend to market real estate now or later need to consider the advantages of the auction process for moving their property — especially if speed and timeliness are major concerns. For example, although the commercial and residential real estate markets have made significant improvements throughout the United States, many properties continue to experience limited or negative net operating income, which forces property owners to support properties out-of-pocket each month. In addition, tenant bankruptcies — which cause unanticipated high vacancy rates — or anchor tenants that have vacated properties can make getting underperforming assets off the books a high priority.

Marketing commercial real estate and other types of properties via the auction process gives the seller control over some of the most important terms of the property disposition, including:

  • Timing of the Sale — 30 Days
  • Offering Structure
  • Seller-Friendly Purchase and Sale Agreement — The seller can make the buyers comfortable with the bidding process and the purchase by making the contract commercial lease reasonable and fair.
  • Financing Flexibility — Options include financing assumptions, structured seller financing and committed third-party financing.
  • Warranties — Sell the property “as is” or with limited warranties.
  • Fast Closing — Typically within 45 days after execution of the contract.

Even in a traditional real estate market, these properties can pose a significant challenge to sell in a timely manner and achieve maximum value.

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An Award-Winning Real Estate Marketing And Auction Firm

Fortna Auctioneers & Marketing Group is an award-winning real estate marketing and auction firm that sells commercial, industrial and residential property. We are the leading auction firm marketing real estate for sale in Pennsylvania along with several other states such as New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and Florida. We are committed to getting sellers the highest fair market price possible. If you need to sell a residential, commercial or industrial building, undeveloped land or a condominium, Fortna Auctioneers & Marketing Group can aggressively target the qualified, serious buyers you need to win a fair price.


Let the Power of Real Estate Marketing Excellence Work For You

As real estate professionals, we understand the importance of marketing real estate to the right buyers. This is essential for closing a successful sale. We aggressively target domestic and global real estate investors who are qualified to purchase real estate at auction and able to close within 45 days. This approach has led to a 99% success rate for closings.

In addition, Fortna Auctioneers & Marketing Group has won national and statewide awards for marketing and advertising excellence, including a state award for the best real estate auction website. Our real estate marketing will manage your sale with the same attention to detail that we have given our clients for the past 30 years.


Marketing Residential Real Estate

The sale of residential real estate at auctions has become increasingly popular because of the ability to receive 100% property market value in as little as 30 days. Everyday sellers should understand that auctions are limited to foreclosures or “fire sales.” Instead, many sellers have discovered the benefits of using auctions as a viable alternative to the conventional marketing techniques associated with selling residential real estate. Our professionals have the training to locate interested buyers and bring them to the property in a condensed timeframe to sell everyday real estate.


Marketing Luxury Real Estate

When marketing luxury real estate, the property must have maximum property exposure locally, nationally and internationally, which leads to more buyers waiting for the properties — and results in higher sale prices. Fortna Auctioneers puts your property on display for market-driven sellers who seek an alternative to conventional real estate marketing. Regardless of the market conditions — challenging or active — the auction process provides an exceptional approach to targeting highly qualified buyers and presenting them to the seller.


Marketing Commercial Real Estate

Property owners who market commercial property through the auction process appreciate the ability to control the most important aspects of the transaction — the terms and conditions of the sale. Unencumbered by the conventional real estate sales process, auctioning off your real estate results in several advantages for sellers, including lower transaction costs, faster closings and true market value.

Buyers also benefit when sellers choose to market their properties through Fortna Auctioneers. Purchasers not only participate in an open market, under the same rules as the competition, but they also know that they have a committed seller, and the buyers will determine the selling price.


Innovative Buying Options

When you partner with Fortna Auctioneers & Marketing Group to sell your property, you will benefit from our dynamic real estate marketing strategy and the range of innovative buying options that will increase your pool of potential bidders. Our services include pre-bidding and online live bidding, in addition to the tradition live auction. Each interested bidder will receive a comprehensive due-diligence package and must demonstrate prequalification for funding — processes that will save you time, money and hassle.

With Fortna Auctioneers & Marketing Group, you can settle your sale within 45 days of auction. Properties are sold as is, with no contingencies. That saves you carrying charges, as well as the stress and hassle associated with showings, negotiations and upkeep. You’ll also receive the true market value for your property because buyers will compete against one another in an open and fair market. Buyers appreciate the fast close and open bid process.


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For more information on marketing real estate for sale, contact Fortna Auctioneers & Marketing Group for a complimentary consultation. At Fortna, we’re driving the real estate revolution.