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Real Estate Auctioneers in NJ

As the leading commercial and residential real estate auctioneer in NJ, Fortna Auctioneers & Marketing Group would like to speak to you about selling your property. We provide property owners with aggressive, targeted marketing and auction services — and have for over 30 years.

Serious buyers will compete for your property in a fair and open market, and you’ll earn the true market value — without excess carrying charges, transfer taxes and commissions. You’ll also avoid the hassles associated with time-consuming and disruptive showings, negotiations and more. When it comes to residential and commercial real estate auctioneers, NJ firm Fortna leads the nation.

Here are a few real estate areas we specialize in:


Why Our NJ Real Estate Auctioneers Beat Negotiated Sales

If you’ve ever sold a property on the traditional market, you’re probably familiar with the expenses and aggravation that accompany the process. Negotiated sales are expensive and inconvenient. They also take a long time and not every buyer is qualified for financing. You may even have to make repairs on your property before you can list it. And once you’ve accepted an offer, you have to manage ongoing negotiations, failed funding and cold feet that cause many solid deals to fall through.

When you partner with Fortna Auctioneers & Marketing Group, we eliminate the stress associated with negotiated sale and get you the true market value price for your property. We’ll provide you with a free consultation to discuss the marketing strategy for your property. We’ll also develop a marketing plan and due diligence package that will attract a qualified pool of global buyers.

Every property is sold on an as-is basis, which means no extra expenses prior to sale. The interested parties will bid openly, fairly and competitively during the auction process. This sometimes results in a sale price that is better than what would have taken place in the negotiated sale market. You and your buyer will settle on your as-is transaction within 45 days, with the buyer paying most transfer charges.

Fortna Auctioneers & Marketing Group also:

  • Runs online, in-person and combination auctions
  • Eliminates aggravating negotiations that can kill your deal
  • Eliminates the hassles associated with upkeep and continuous showings
  • Provides access to serious buyers who are prepared and qualified to purchase your property at auction


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Fortna Auctioneers & Marketing Group is driving the NJ real estate auction revolution. To learn more about selling your New Jersey property for auction, contact us online or call Fortna at 1.855.831.4242 today!