Auctioneers & Realtors Working Together To Sell Real Estate

Auctioneers & Realtors: How They Work Together to Sell your Property


There are multiple ways in which someone could sell a property. Two of the most prominent ways of selling real estate are through a realtor or through a real estate auction company, such as Fortna Auctioneers. Many people believe that these two are competing head to head for sellers’ business. Many think that when a realtor isn’t getting a property sold, that a last resort is to turn to auction in desperation. However, this is just not the case.


Actually, it’s not often that real estate auction companies and realtors work together, but Fortna Auctioneers is working hard and rapidly improving that relationship. Both realtors and auctioneers know when a property is going to do better as a listing or by auction. Realtors and auctioneers do best when working together to get these properties in the right arena.


It is important for realtors to understand that auctioneers are not their competition. Michael Fortna says that instead, “[they] are close friends that work together for the best interest of the clients.” Working together, realtors should view auctioneers as another tool in the drawer when it comes to selling a listing. Yes, sometimes realtors feel as if they are going to lose a listing because it isn’t selling. Well, this is a perfect time for auctioneers to step in and help market and sell through auction.


Auctioneers prove as another tool for realtors who have a difficult time determining the value of a property. When unique properties go up for sale, there are many instances where value is unknown because there is so little to compare it to. Auctions are best for these properties because they allow for an open market to establish the value.


When working with auctioneers, realtors still generally get paid the same amount as they would through their traditional method. Also, unlike the traditional method there are no contingencies such as financing, surveying, and inspections when it comes to selling through an auction. These contingencies are seen time and time again to derail many traditional sales of properties, frustrating realtors.


So together, auctioneers and realtors can find buyers and sellers the right avenue for their property. Realtors are able to find another tool in auctioneers. With auction companies such as Fortna Auctioneers and Marketing Group, we see realtors gaining the marketing edge to aid the sale of their properties, as well as help selling properties that are best sold by auction. This connection between realtors and auctioneers has proven to be more than just business, it’s friendship