Meet Cara Breslin - Intern Copywriter for Fornta Auctioneers & Marketing Group

Meet Cara Breslin - Intern Copywriter for Fornta Auctioneers & Marketing Group


As a senior English Communications major at Lebanon Valley College, I was ready to get my foot in the door and gain some experience in marketing. Always having an interest in media, Fortna’s Social Media Marketing Internship seemed like the perfect pick for me. Only a five-minute walk from campus, Fortna also proved to be a challenge due to my very limited knowledge of real estate auctioning. Knowing a good deal about social media and a bit about marketing a brand, it was an easy transition. I was lucky enough to have Marjie Henise and Michael Fortna helping me along the way.


Together Marjie and I came up with a plan over the semester that would have me producing blogs to promote the company while informing readers on the ins and outs of real estate auctioning. Some of my blogs would be a fun mix of humor and wit and others would be more serious and informative. Timing couldn’t have worked out better as the new Fortna website launched at the end of the semester.


The internship allowed for a very flexible schedule, helping on the weeks when schoolwork seemed to want to end me. With my flexible schedule I was able to complete 135 hours of work for Fortna including research, blog writing, meetings, and social media analytic work. In my time with Fortna I learned a lot about real estate, auctioning, marketing, media platforms, search engine optimization, time management, and much more.


Transitioning into graduation, I am still looking for a similar position within a fast paced growing company like Fortna. I am thankful to be able to take the skills I learned while interning with Fortna and start my own career. I hope that my writing will inform buyers, sellers, realtors, and the general public of Fortna Auctioneers and Marketing Group and the great work they do. I have never met someone as invested into his work at Michael Fortna. He is backed by some of the best in the business and his marketing is in great hands with Marjie.


To read my blogs, click here. I hope you enjoy!