Top Five Reasons to Auction Your Home

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Home selling can be an overwhelming, time consuming, and challenging process. For many home sellers, just the idea of keeping the house spotless so it's ready for viewing at any time is exhausting. An alternative to a traditional home sale listing is placing the home up for auction. This type of selling method isn't just for banks auctioning distressed properties. An auction platform offers many benefits to a variety of home sellers, including those in good standing with their lending institution. 

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Tips for Selling Commercial Real Estate


Wondering how to sell commercial property? If you lack experience in this area, know that tips for how to sell commercial real estate will differ greatly from those on how to sell residential real estate. To help you get started, read on for a few nuggets of commercial real estate advice and a few ideas on how to sell a commercial property and get the best possible return!

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Tips for Selling Waterfront Property


Looking to sell waterfront property and get the best possible return on your investment? Selling a beach house and selling lakefront property is far different from more mainstream residential real estate, and there are many additional considerations to take into account. Read on for tips on selling a lake home or beach house and getting the greatest possible return.

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