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Preparing Your House for Sale

  1. There are always plenty of things that need to be done before selling a house. Make sure your house is ready for a real estate auction with some of the following tips. Click to read more!

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Tips for Emotional Sellers When Selling Your Home


When selling a family home through means of a real estate auction, there are many emotional moments. Even before contacting an auctioneer there is the heartbreak of saying goodbye to a home, which holds many great memories. Although Fortna Auctioneers and Marketing Group’s main goal is to get your house sold for the best market value, they also recognize the attachment people have with their home and the emotional impact of going through the selling process.

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How to Sell a Home As-Is


Fixer-uppers can be a challenge for owners and real estate professionals to market. Many prospective home buyers are looking for a move-in ready home that will be reliable. Some people are turned off by the idea of having to invest time and money in renovations, and the fear of the unknown is enough to have them overlook any properties that are being sold as-is.

Despite the number of homeowners who disregard any fixer-uppers, there is a lot of potential in selling a home as-is. If you’re looking to sell your home quickly, then listing it as-is could be the right option for you or your client. With the right marketing knowledge, you can find qualified buyers, market a fixer-upper at the right price and get it sold quickly and for more money.

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